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Where's the beautiful Nivo from Ndiyo?

In about May I read about Ndiyo, a non-profit that's making ultra-thin clients called Nivo (Network-In, Video-Out). They're basically designing an FPGA that can support VNC or RDP and so creates a tiny little box that has a network connection, keyboard and mouse connectors, and a VGA out. Some of the team are the original VNC developers, which must help.

Session Saving

SessionSaver is the most useful extension I know of for Firefox, and it's surprising it doesn't have a real home - it seems it gets passed from person to person to fix things up for different releases.
Basically it records the set of windows and tabs you have open in Firefox (including the history etc) so that if you quit or the browser crashes, they can be restored on startup (you can also save named sessions and switch between them). (It stores this in prefs.js which is arguably not the best for performance but seems to work fine without corruption).
Now, I just crashed my X server for some inexplicable reason. Which led me to think again to myself, I wish I had a SessionSaver for Konsole. I tend to use both Firefox and Konsole as task lists - web pages I must look at / process, shell operations I'm busy doing.
A long time ago I coded up a Python program to periodically dump the different tabs open in Konsole along with the processes running in them, current directories and open files. The idea being you can run this in a cron job and at least be able to see what was happening if Konsole crashes rather than losing track.
I've now fixed this up and got it running again. It could do with improvement but it definitely counts as helpful. The file is at and it gets run like this in a cron job:
  export DISPLAY=:0.0
  su username -c "python2.4 -m konsolesessions --html --output" 2>&1 | tee -a /tmp/konsole.log

This then produces an index of konsole sessions in /home/username/konsolelog/index.html, each of which has its own html file like this:

Konsole session at Mon Dec 5 16:47:02 2005

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