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Off to Arusha, Tanzania

Just leaving to go to a training camp for the Swahili Localization Project in Arusha, Tanzania ... should be fun but already missing Danielle and James and I haven't left yet!

Started development on Pootle

Over the last week I've started development on Pootle, a simple web portal for localization... named after a Flumps character thanks to Danielle's suggestion.

Firefox and Thunderbird extensions I'm using

Looked through Firefox and Thunderbird extensions and have a setup I like now...

xfce upgrade to 4.1.90 for jubilee lab: kiosk mode

Did some work at the Jubilee Linux lab (5 old slow computers each with their own version of Fedora - 4 at the moment because one of the power supplies has died...)

OOo 2.x building :-)

Worked quite a bit on ooo-build stuff the last two days.

Building OOo 2.x branch using ooo-build

Well I've been trying to build OOo 680 (2.x series) using ooo-build, which doesn't quite work yet.

Evidence of ties between al-Qaeda and USA

Interesting logic from Mr Rumsfeld: Conference Summary

I didn't have a laptop at OOoCon 2004 and didn't manage to write anything in detail then, and have been busy since, so this is my executive summary...

Automixing sounds from different programs through ALSA

Found this really helpful article describing how to mix sounds automatically with ALSA (linked from a review of Fedora Core 2) and so now mpd can play in the background and other programs can still make sounds ..

upgrading dev->udev made my fedora system totally unusable

Beware! I apt-get dist-upgraded my system to the latest fedora development rpms, and part of that upgraded dev to udev. All very nice. Except I couldn't open a terminal. So I rebooted. And then it wouldn't even boot up properly because it couldn't allocate a console. So I had to use a rescue CD to create the /dev/console node, then it was fine.

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